Samson Ross Edit

A short edit I found of my manlover Samson Ross.


Jordan Mang Video

Jordan Mang (who has the coolest last name I've ever heard) sent me this video of himself to put on the site. Some cool stuff in there. Check it out.


Tempered Online Store

The TempereBikes Online store is finally up!
After months and months Mitch and myself
finally got our heads around this and you
can now purchase any Tempered gear simple
and easily over the net.
Head over to the tempered site and click
on the Online Store.


Matt Bell in Brisbane

Matt Bell just spent a few weeks over here
in brisbane and we hooked him up with one of
the new Temperedbikes Treason frames, so i thought
it would be a good idea to get up a bike check.
We didn't seem to get any good weather
so the pics were taken in the rain.

Frame: TemperedBikes Treason “21”
Bars: Fit northwests
Stem: EDH
Fork: Odyssey race classics
Headset: Flybikes
Cranks: Primo powerbites = no snapage = no shredded shins
BB: Odyssey Mid
Seat clamp: Shadow Alfred light
Seat/post: Macniel sl with stump post
Sprocket: Tree light 25t
Grips: Odi longnecks
Bar Ends: Kink lighter
Chain: Khe hollow half link
Front wheel: Odyssey sevenka, ? spokes, TemperedBikes revolt hub
Back wheel: Odyssey sevenka, Dt swiss spokes, profile mini lhd 9t driver
Tires: Front fly ruben, rear animal asm
Extras: ti spindle, ti seat combo bolt, ti axle, ti driver


Micky Soole Out.

Micky Soole sent me an email discussing why
again he is off his bike for a few months.
It seems Micky keeps hurting his back and
is being forced to take a few months off
his bike each time, After previously
inflaming some discs in his lower back.
Get well soon Micky.


Todd Meyne and Levi's BMX

I just noticed over on vital that west oz
ripper Todd Meyne won the Levi's Red Tab
Awards and got himself a $500 levis
gift certificate.
I have ridden and spent a lot of time with
Todd, the dude has a lot more tricks in
his bag than whats on this video.
Check the Levi's other winnders and Todds
video here.


Christmas Jams!

A few people have let me know about Christmas Jams on this weekend.

The first one is on Saturday and is at Jindalee in QLD. Not too sure on the details but the halloween jam was a blast so I'm guessing this one will be too.

The second one is on Sunday and is at Mullum in NSW and starts around 10am. Email Callum ( or Jaya ( for more details about that one.


TemperedBikes Filthy Drains Jam Video

I finally got a bit of spare time to put together this quick edit from the TemperedBikes Filthy Drains Jam. Thanks to Emancipate, Cropthorn, Stowaway, Animal, Focal Point and of course Tempered for making the jam the success it was. Enjoy.


Daniel Kershaw Video

Shane Batchler sent me the link to this cool video he made of Brisbane northside shredder Daniel Kershaw. Check it out.


Jimmy Levan Raffle

Paul from Stictlybmx sent me a few days ago about a raffle they are having to raise money for Jimmy Levan.

LiveWire 07

Theres a bunch of pictures and mini write
ups from the 07 LiveWire Jam that was in
West OZ over on WestOzBMX.
I really dig this photo of my boy, warren.
Check here for the Article.


How Hard Is It, Finally!!!

FINALLY, the long awaited "HOW HARD IS IT" dvd
from westozbmx is finally here, you can grab
your copy from Graeme himself by email,

I watched this dvd just the other day and i
was amazed by the level of riding in the dvd.
Definitely worth the buy.


Daniel Johnson Bike Check

Theres a really fresh bike check of
Daniel Johnson over on the FocalPoint
site, click here to check it.


Hush Trails Session.

Hush session from scott greentree on Vimeo.
I was just over on the NaturalBMX site and
watched the video, i really fucking enjoyed
this edit.
I read the trails are now being demolished
in just a few days, someone tell me what
went wrong with all the signatures from
the petition?


Kie Ashworth Edit.

Pulled this video from the FBM Website of
West Oz Kie Ashworth.
Theres some solid clips in there, but i
did notice there was some re used scrap
clips from the WestOZ DVD "How Hard Is It"
Whats up with that?

Also: The lack of updates are due to both
Mitch and I be very busy in the last few
weeks leading up to the drains challenge,

Filthy Drains Jam Tomorrow

The TemperedBikes Filthy Drains Challenge is on tomorrow and its going to be off the hook. Animal and Stowaway are now on board as sponsors as well as Diversity, Cropthorn, Emancipate and of course Tempered.

Be there tomorrow for your chance to win some great gear and witness some crazy riding.

Springfield Drains, next to the tavern and across the road from the skatepark, 2:30pm.


Yet another filthy drains teaser

Another teaser for the Tempered Bikes Filthy Drains Challenge. It's on this Saturday and starts around 2:30. If you're unsure of the location holla a comment on the diversity myspace and I'll try and sort you out.

Also, if you're thinking of drinking on the day, please don't buy your drinks from the bottle-o next to the drains and walk straight over, they're starting to get a bit suss about it.


Shane Batchler Section

Nice little section of Brisbane killer Shane Batchler. Shane seems to be pumpin out the vidoes these days and they're always fun to watch. Check it out.


David Girsch video

Spotted this video on youtube of a David Girsch, 15 year old shredder from Cairns. Check it out, some cool stuff in there. Also, Apologies for the lack of updates, Matty and I have been busy working on the drains for the TemperedBikes Filthy Drains Challenge