Filthy Drains Challenge Teaser

Just another little teaser video I threw together for the Filthy Drains Challenge. As you can see its right next to a bottle-o. Be there December 8th to get loose and have a good time.

The jam will start around 2:30 and should go well into the night. Please don't go to the location beforehand as the last thing we want is the spot getting shut down a few days/hours before the jam.


Cooper Brownlee

I just spotted on FocalPoint that Cooper Brownlee has
not one but TWO interviews come out, one with sponser
wethepeople and another with Australian NaturalBMX.
Natural Interview.
Wethepeople Interview.

TemperedBikes Filthy Drains Challenge

This is the official flyer for the TemperedBikes Filthy Drains Challenge. Make sure you keep the 8th of December free. You won't want to miss it! Stay tuned for more details.


Stephen Murray Jam video

Adam Stone sent me this video from a benefit jam for Stephen Murray on the 11th of November. All up they raised $2425 dollars which Stephen got around a week ago.


Tempered Eye Candy.

TemperedBikes have just released their
08 Treason frames to the public for sale.
If your local bike shop does not stock
Tempered then get in touch with matt via
their myspace here, Their site is still
in the works.
You saw it first on Diversity.


Ugzine Video Comp Winner.

Our very own Mitch Wood submitted his Pirate
Video into the Ugzine video competition and
came out winning hands down.
For those who haven't seen the edit, i reposted
it for your viewing pleasure.
Check out some of the other entries here.


Tahmoor Trails Jam

I don't know much about this jam other than
whats on this flyer, if your in the area,
Check it out!

Also: I heard there was a new skatepark
opening somewhere in Brisbane this weekend.
Any one



HARMONYBMX is a new online apparel store based
in sydney, i don't no much about it so to give
you a better idea i pulled this from their site.
"We're a new clothing mailorder in aust selling bmx softgoods exclusively based in Sydney. We're only small at the moment but our goal is to carry the widest range of soft goods you'll ever see! Shirts, stickers, caps, belts and banners are what we're carrying at the moment, but hold on for more and a bigger range of proddy!"

Pics From The Far West.

Just checked out some new pics that have just
been uploaded to the WESTOZBMX main site, theres
some pretty solid shit in there! And i noticed
theres still some shots of me in their from like
4 years ago.

On another note we apologize for a non update
yesterday, Mitch has been real busy getting his
filming on for some high profilers and i was away
on a trip, excuses dont mean shit tho.



Cooper from FocalPoint just sent me this NEW flyer
for the Flem Banks jam, they changed the date from
the 8th of december to the 15th, so change your



Spotted this nice edit on westozbmx, these dudes
are definately killing the streets of perth.



Oddly enough it seems ben from westozbmx has found
himself a new computer after 12 months of no updates
and is now starting to rebuild the site.
Its looking pretty fucking tight.



Stowaway are giving out free dvds AGAIN!
All you need to do is head over to their site and
read all about it.
Also check out the new covers of their winter
catalogues featuring my boy Kie Ashworth.


Focal Point "Clocked In" Review on The Come Up

Theres a review of Focal Point's new DVD "Clocked In" on the infamous Click here to check it out.


Droppin' Clips Review on Focal Point

Cooper has done a review of Troy Charlesworth's new DVD, Droppin' Clips on the Focal Point site. Check the review out here.


Save The Trails.

This photo has no relevance to the Canberra
scene at all, just a cool photo.

If you ride a bike, no matter where you are, click here
and sign this petition to save the "Hush" trails in Canberra.
Simple as that.


Adrian Fox Last Chapter Video

Video of a shredder by the name of Adrian Fox. Dudes good. Taken from the Last Chapter myspace. Check it out.


Mitch Lowry Clips

Matty filmed some clips of Mitch Lowry today and he decided to bust out. Check it out.


EDH Local Assualt.

Theres a bunch of photos for the Local Assualt jam held
by EDH and a bunch of other sponsers over on the
Local Assualt website. so go check them out.


TemperedBikes Filthy Drains Challenge

Something big is happening very soon. Start saving money for flights now. Stay tuned for details.



Just spotted this pic on the Stowaway Distrobution site. Not sure who or where it is or who took it, only that its gnarly as fuck.


Kie Ashworth Bike Check.

Click picture to enlarge.
I got a hold of my boy Kie Ashworth for a rad story with
his bike by FBM Bike Co.
the frame is the grey stairmaster fbm frame its pretty gnar
i like it heaps, i tried to keep my stuff simple grey or close
to grey, so i have chrome ape hangers they are cut down like
1cm on each side and running coalition grips grey city series
think they are rochester ones and seriously my favourite new
thing real soft thick, i reccomend them to all my friends they
love them too. my fbm seat is grey also is sweet i love it lots...
they are pretty much my favourite parts on my bike that make
it what they are, so i got new wheels yesterday coalition hubs
with alex rims kane built them real good.
primo cranks(no hollow bite no snapped arms no hospital)
25tooth fbm wurlitzer sprocket its been strongest one ive had
which was good. got some real homo pedals called 'da bomb' i
got them mostly because of the colour described to me as 'bird shit'
yeah i regret my decisions buying them, stupid mountain bikes.
forgot to say i have that new john povah stem coalition its been
re done its real good i like that also, my tires are animal glh
back and i was running a federal front but im to shy to ask stowaway
for a new one so i purchased a odyssey instead but now have spare
animals in my room so imagine thats on the front right now, animal.
i also got like federal lt forks no problems there, coalition post
and clamp which do there job awesomely. my bikes pretty simple thats
all i got i think, i cut down axles i will cut off the mounts real
soon i have a ti spindle which does nothing but add fear to my
bike breaking. oh and pegs i run fbm feather weight on the rear
and a new coalition on the front its alloy light and slides real
good for some magical reason.

If anyone wants to set up a distro over here for farmers
union iced coffee i got your back(no homo) organise that to feed the addiction.


Video Comp Winners!

Congratulations to Jamie and Josh who won the doubles video comp. There were a decent amount of entries, some good, some not so good. In the end this was the easy winner. Jamie and Josh win some hot shirts courtesy of Last Chapter and a swagger of other goodies. Keep up the good work!


Stephen Murray Benefit Jam.

- Got this in an email from Josh Mete.

As you may or may not know. On July 22nd at the AST Dew Tour in Baltimore, Stephen Murray suffered career ending injuries to his spinal cord and vertebrae in BMX Dirt finals. Stephen is recovering, but his medical bills are reaching astronomical dollar amounts. So the BMX community has come together all over the world to help support Stephen Murray and his family through this difficult time. There has been benefit jams and competions all over the world to help raise funds for his medical bills and other expensive. Well a few guys from Melbourne Australia have decided that it was time to show our support and have a benefit jam also. On the 11th of this month there will be a benefit jam held at hill and dale box Jumps Park to raise money. Forgotten Bikes, Tempered Bikes, Fly Bikes, Triple Six Distribution Worth Ten And Rural Clothing are sponsoring the jam so far but every bit counts! There will also be sausages and soft drinks available for $2 each, All the product that sponsors donate will be auctioned, raffled sold off and 100% proceeds will go directly to the Stephen Murray Family Fund.


Focal Point Issue 9 Download

Back Issue 9 of Focal Point is now available to download in PDF form. Click here to download issue 9 and here to download issue 8 if you haven't already.


More From The West.

I got a chance to speak with Perth animal Calvin kosovich
and decided to get some bike checks from him
for you all to read, check it.

Click picture to enlarge

Frame: hoffman bama Forks: sunday night. Bars: mutiny glams baby.
Stem: slave and master xlt. Cranks: profile race ti spindle.
Pedals: JC no studs. Sprocket: 25 tree. I roll with profile minis
front and rear midway back 7ka front. Macneil sl seat , animal seat clamp.
Two pegs.
"All up its a ghetto but i like it."


Focal Point DVD available.

Focal Point's brand spankin' new dvd, "Clocked In" is available to buy. I saw this at the Brisbane premiere and it was off the hook. Only $25 from any decent bike shop or straight from Focal Point via mailorder. Check the site for more info. You might wanna buy two incase you wear your first copy out.


Q and A's With Nikko Smithson.

Heres something new for everyone to read, tell
me what you think in the comments.

Tight jeans or Loose fit?

Myspace or Facebook?

2020 or FocalPoint?

Whips or barspins?

Trails or rails?

Blondes or Brunettes?
Both, yes asian

Sponno or no sponno?

Mail Order or Aussie support?
Aussie support

Helmet or no helmet?
No helmet

Ham or chicken?