News From The West.

No one ever speaks about the west or sees or hears
anything from that region of Aus, times have changed.
Kie sent me a bunch of photos and i decided to put
these three up. There was some other rad shots
and ill use them in the future.
Expect to see a bunch more from these guys and
many more.

Jay Wilson with a hot 270 bars.

Kie Ashworth, Dope as fuck old school air.

Matt Bell, Clicked as shit turndown to fakie.



Ugzine's James Wade has just sent me some links to his
new run of tee's for his clothing co, Dishonour. The
new threads are pretty tight if you ask me.
Dishonour only does one run of each design they create
and they always sell out fast, so get on it.
Check there myspace here.


Five Challenge With Justy B

Top Five Websites?

Non salty people?

1.XXXX gold
2.XXXX gold
3.XXXX gold
4.XXXX gold
5.XXXX gold

Places to get flats?
1. beenleigh
2. crestmead
3. logan village
4. springfield
5. springfield again

Riding Spots
1.browns plains
2.runaway bay roundabout

Myspace comments?
2. love
3. people saying how much they miss me hahaha
4. people saying how much of a mad cunt i am haha!
5. hot babes saying we should meet up, chyeah chyeah!

People to buy your drinks?
1. MUM
2. Corey
3. Jessica ann
4. matty styles
5. lora gora


Perth Street Jam.

Jordan from Perth sent me this flyer over myspace and asked
me to post it up.
It's pretty straight forward, theres a jam happening in Perth
on he 11th of November, meet at the landing.
Check out the westozbmx forums, I'm sure there will be a bunch
of info about the jam on there.
If everyone rocks up and puts in the effort, the day should be dope!


Lanky Nathan Video

Found this video on Youtube of Brisbane BMX machine Nathan Philps. Not sure who edited it but I know its a compilation of alot of other footage.



The NEW batch of frames arrived in Australia just last week!
Jerry and myself drove all he way out to the harbor just to
pick them up in his ute!
Here is a sneak preview at the frames before we sticker them
up and release them to the public late this week!
The website is currently under works so check out the

Steve McCann.

Steve McCann has bike check over on FatBMX.
Click here to read it.
Dope Ride!


Flatline Samples.

Derrick from Flatline BMX just sent me these photos of their
Sample frames, Flatline is a pretty new company but seem
to be really big in their local scene.
Check out their myspace here.

Jindalee "Gnar-B-Q" Jam Video

Some footage from the jam at Jindalee yesterday. It was awesome fun and had a really good vibe. Enjoy.

-Captain Manbeast (Mitch)

Rural Clothing.

Rural Clothing is a small clothing company based in NSW.
They have some pretty hot gear and i think they will have
a bunch more to come.
Check their myspace here.


EDH in Australia.

I got an email from Stowaway's Jamie Moore in regards to EDH,
there has been a lot of news posted about these guys,
so i thought it would be a good idea to let everyone know
how and when you can get them.
- Jamie Moore, "I met Travis Peek From EDH when I was in the New Zealand a few months
back and we made an agreement to distro his stems which seem to be holding
Up really well.

The Stems are now available in All Good Australian Stores now and
Come in black , purple and green."


Black Lotus.

Daniel Hunt's BlackLotus Has their new website finally up and running.
The site is pretty simple but you get the idea of all their rad new
stuff to come.


Jindalee Jam

Apparently theres a Halloween jam of sorts at Jindalee skatepark tomorrow so get yourself down there. Anyone who dresses up gets a diversitybmx car sticker!


Ditch Jam Edit.

Heres an edit from the Ditch jam that took place in Adelaide.
I pulled the link from the Ugzine forums, im sure there will
be a bunch more edits from the day on the forums so check them out.
Highlights, Kie Ashworth tooth to disaster on some crazy bridge sub?


Tom Stretton Video

Got sent the link of this amazing video of Queensland shredder Tom Stretton. Filmed and edited by Shane Batchelor. Definatley check it out.

Mozzy Follow Up.

I don't usually post two things from the same topic in one day.

But it seemed like a good excuse.

I got in touch with Daniel and got him to do a top fives for Diversity.

Top Fives with Daniel Dunn.

Top Five Places to eat?





hungry jacks.

Top five places to spend alone?

in the toilet.

in the place where im alone.

wheaties bedroomon.

my bike (two people on a bike isnt good)

jogging lol.

Top five Bands?

tegan & sara

the hilltop hoods

jonny cash

le tigre

guy sebastian

Do you like corn chips?

it is a fact that i enjoy chewing on corn chips.

Top five riding spots?

kp (brisbane)

woodcroft trails (adelaide)

mt barker (adelaide)

five dock (sydney)

anything that flows realy well.



Daniel Dunn

I was just browsing myspace because im bored as fuck.
Came across this edit from mozzy, i liked it.
Tell me what you think in the comments.


Jamie Warren on Tempered.

Jamie Warren is officially riding for TemperedBikes full team alongside

Mitch wood, Jerry vandervalk, Justy Bumpstead, Mathew Lawton and

Nathan Saunders.

This kid is just 15 and hails from Perth in West OZ.

I had known Jamie for a while, but on my last visit to perth i spent alot

of time with the dude and he amazed me more and more each day i rode with him.

Expect to see alot more from this ripper.


More From EDH

EDH Have their New online shop finally running, Unfortunately
the only products you can buy from the online shop will be limited
edition runs of products, still rad tho!
Make sure you check them out, EDHBMX
EDH is distributed through Stowaway in Aus and NZ


Drain Jam Photo's.

Rider is Kie. photo by?

Everyone knows about the jam that took place in adelaide on the weekend just passed, but if you have not seen any pics just yet, go check them out on the Ugzine blogs.

Some cool photos, jam looks super rad!


FocalPoint's Issue 8.

Cooper over at FocalPoint has put a back issue of the zine up on the main page to be downloaded.

This is a rad idea if you never got a copy of this issue, you can just click here and download it.

Good issue, i suggest you do it!


Justy Bumpstead.

Justy has a sweet bike check on his myspace.

Usually i wouldn't post things like this on the main page, but his ride is definately hot!

Click here to get to the Bike check.

Focal Point Premiere!!!

The Focal Point premieres for the highly anticipated DVD "Clocked In" happened this weekend, Melbourne on Friday night and Brissie on Saturday. I went to the Brissie one and it was off the hook. I doubt we'll be getting back into that pub again. From what I've heard the Melbourne premiere was wild as well.

As for the DVD, my memory is a bit hazy for some reason... but I do remember that i had to pick my jaw up off the floor on more than one occasion. Big thanks to everyone who came and to Stowaway and Triplesix for supplying some giveaways.

Stay tuned for a review of the DVD. Definatley get your hands on a copy, it'll be worth every cent.


Drainkids Video

Video of the Drainkids from Brissie. Spotted on The Come Up.

Cropthorn Press Release

click pic to enlarge

Cropthorn have just released their new advert featuring, "Mathew Lawton".
Although you see it first on Diversity, the ad is expected to hit magazines mid January.
Check out cropthorn here.


diversitybmx Car Stickers

The perfect accessory for any motor vehicle. You can even stick it on your bike, your fridge, your grandma... the possibilities are endless. 40cms across and only $5 each. Email to get yours.


EDH's New Gear.

EDH has just recieved a new batch of their Stems, my boy Matt Bell from Perth has been running one for some time now and I can only speak good things about it.
EDH is distributed through Stowaway in Australia and New Zealand
Check out more from EDH here.

- Matty

New 2020 Cover

New 2020 is out and the cover is wild.


Logan Village Comp Vid

Video from the contest that was held on Saturday at Logan Village skatepark. Thanks to BlackMarket Films for the vid.


New FocalPoint Promo

Cooper just sent me the brand new promo for the new Focal Point dvd "Clocked In" which premieres in Melbourne on Friday and in Brisbane on Saturday. The trailer is nuts!

Strictly BMX.

Click image to enlarge.
Melbourne based Strictly BMX Shop has recently just recieved a new
Odyssey shipment including the new Director forks and a bunch
of rad looking new gear.
I always hear talk about these forks so i thought it was about time people
found out were they can grab them from.
Check out there online store.


More on EDH's Jam.

Click to enlarge photo.

Travis from New Zealand based, EDH just sent me an email with the
official banner for their jam, it seems to be turning alot of heads.
I cant see why?
EDH is distributed by Stowaway in Australia and New Zealand.



Photo not relevant, or is it?

Alot of people have been sending me emails in regards to the new shipment.
I thought it would be alot easier to post it up on here for everyone to see.
The new shipment of the "Treason" frames is currently in brisbane, but i have
not seen them, they are in customs waiting to be released to me.
The new frames feature a new color and some rad new artwork thanks to Nick Edwards.
There is also some small changes to the frame, there is no longer a top gusset, the DT gusset has been re designed and the HT is now compatible for FSA Impact headsets.
Ill post pictures as soon as i get them.
Website is still in the works.
check the myspace here.

Emancipate's "Halloween Jam"

Click to enlarge banner.
Emancipate along with supporters BMX Militia, TemperedBikes, Focalpoint and Steadfast Video Zine are holding yet another Halloween jam this year.
These guys have been putting on a dope as fuck jam for a while now every halloween, if your in sydney, you need to be there! Other wise, book flights now!
Check out Emancipate here.
Emancipate Myspace.


Bundamba Clips

Clips from a lazy Sunday ride at Bundamba skatepark. Riders are Jerry Vandervalk, Tom Stretton, BJ, Justy Bumpstead and Corey Mansinger.



Matt from Cropthorn Clothing just sent me some info about all their new 2008 range of clothing will will be in stock very shortly, all the designs are being printed as we speak.
We go ahold of just one of many of the latest designs, looks dope.
Check out their myspace here.

EDH BMX, Local Assualt Jam.

This is for all the guys in New Zealand or thinking about visiting around these dates, EDH BIKE CO is holding a jam on the 3rd of november in Christchurch.
Check out EDH here.
Expect to see some more from these guys on these pages shortly.


Arrrrr, I finally found it.

Nothing else to post so why not?

Also, we are looking for regular contributors from NSW, Vic and ACT. Email for details.


X-air 2008 Cancelled

Just read on the ZombieBMX site. Apparently Vodaphone pulled out of sponsoring it. Shits weak. Pretty big blow for BMX in New Zealand and Australia. Check out

Logan Village Comp.

There's a competition on at Logan Village skatepark on Saturday. First prize in pro is $300 and you also win the dialled trophy above courtesy of Incite Clothing. The comp starts at 10am and will feature beginner, expert and pro categories.


Jerry Vandervalk Interview

Just finished an interview over msn with Brisbane street and park destroyer and TemperedBikes rider Jerry Vandervalk. Click HERE to read the interview.


Micky Soole Clips.

More old clips from the deep, dark depths of my hard drive. if you have any vids that you think are worthy for the site email the video or link to or give us a holla on the diversitybmx myspace.


Something Simple.

To me bmx will always be bmx, but sometimes we all find ourselves lacking the energy or influences to pick up that bike and just pedal.
Sometimes I come across artwork, photos, videos, interviews or news about something bmx related that's rad, that gets me super psyched on just having the privilege of owning a bike and the endless possibilities a thing as simple as a bike can bring to anyone.
This photo does that for me.
Dig it or not.


Video Comp Update

I was recently made aware of similarities between our video comp and an idea for a video comp on the Ugzine Forums. So I decided to change the rules a little bit.
Every video must now consist entirely of doubles lines. For an example of some really creative and entertaining doubles lines watch the video below.

Also DK King of Dirt is on tomorrow if you're interested in watching boys get dirty and sweaty

Nick Hills' South Section

If you haven't already seen it heres Nick Hills' section from the old South dvd. Some pretty solid riding in there. The new South dvd "Forward Motion" is in the works now. Check out the trailer here.


Todd Meyn Video

Spotted this video on Vital of young West Oz shredder Todd Meyn. Todd's only 15 and is already giving Cranmer a run for his money. Kids these days...


diversitybmx video comp!

Heres the deal suckas. Last Chapter have hooked me up with some shirts to give away and I've decided to hold a video competition. The video competition is gonna be for the best joint section. Heres the rules:

Each section must contain no less than two(2) riders and no more than two(2) riders both with a similar amount of footage.

Each section must contain at least four(4) doubles lines (both riders doing tricks in the same clip)

Each section must be longer than 90 seconds.

Only Australians can enter.

Videos will be judged on the level of riding, creativity, filming and of course, diversity.

Videos must be on Youtube and the url must be emailed to before 12am, Monday 15th of October. That means you've only got two weeks.

The top 3 entries will be featured on the site and the final winner will be voted by you.

Get filming.


Justy Bumpstead clips

Justy showed me this edit of himself from one arvo in plains. Kid just gets better every day. While you're at it check out TemperedBikes and Incite Clothing who both help Justy out.


During another typical evening surfing da internets I went to a site I visit pretty frequently and was presently surprised. (formerly is one of New Zullund's top bmx sites and diversitybmx got a mention in a recent post.

Be sure to check it out, no matter which side of the Tasman you reside.