Samson Ross clips

Heres a few clips that were sitting on my computer of young shredder Samson Ross from a session at Springfield a few weeks back. Enjoy.


FocalPoint Brisbane Premiere

Cooper sent me through the official flyer for the Brisbane premiere of the new FocalPoint DVD "Clocked In". Definitely try and make it to either this or the Melbourne premiere. Shits gonna be wild.


Matt Bell's "Custom 20's Fool"

Click on the photo to enlarge it, thankyou.

Matt Bell has been spending alot of time stuck to my side.
I thought it was a splendid idea to throw up some pictures of his ride before he bangs it on his wall and assembles his new
Temperedbikes frame as he is now riding for the new Flow Team along side Corey Mansinger.
Tell us what you think in the comments.

Frame: FBM StairMaster
Forks: Odyssey Race, Tree Top Cap
Bars: Fit NorthWest
Stem: EDH
Sprocket: Tree Lite
Front Circle: 7Ka Laced to a Tempered, "Revolt" Hub. (Custom Sticker Job)
Rear Cirle: 7Ka laced to Profile Mini Cassette, Ti Driver Ti Axle
Rubbers: Fly Ruben x2
Headset: Fly
Hub Guard: Profile
Bar Ends: Knight
Brakes: Feet, Cars, Little Kids and Trees.
Cranks: Cracked Hollow Bites With Ti Spindle
Pedals: Fly Ruben
Couch/Stick: Macneil Slam Post and Macneil SL Seat, Ti Bolt.
Clamp: Shadow Alfred Lite
Grips: ODI
Homo: Definately Not.

- Matty

FocalPoint premiere in Brisbane!

Just saw on the FocalPoint site that their new DVD "Clocked In" is now premiering in Brisbane as well as Melbourne thanks to my boy, Stewart Munroe. Venue is the Grand Central Hotel, 270 Ann street at Central station from 8pm onwards on Saturday the 20th of October.


Kym Grosser Video

New web video from Macneil of Aussie shredder Kym Grosser. Spotted it on the Ugzine blog.


Sunday Clips

Just a few clips we shot during a laidback session at Springfield and KP. Riders are Justy Bumpstead, Corey Mansinger and myself. Talk shit in the comments.


Troy Charlesworth talks about "Droppin' Clips"

Alex Liiv got a chance to ask Troy Charlesworth about his new DVD project, "Droppin' Clips". Definitely try and get your grubby little hands on a copy of this.

Read the interview HERE

HMH Spine Session

Cool little vid from a session on the spine at the last Heavy Metal Heroes at Beenleigh.


Adrian Duffy Photography

Adrian Duffy is a dialled photographer from Queensland. I was looking through some of his shots and liked them so much I thought Id put a few up. Check here for more.

Mackay scene vid

Nice little vid from some of the Mackay locals. Edit by Ben Webb.


DK King of Dirt

Got sent this press release for the upcoming DK King of Dirt:

DK King Of Dirt
BMX Dirt Jumping Championship
Saturday October 6
Pine Rivers Park, Gympie Road, Strathpine

"Based out of Pine Rivers Shire in Brisbane and now in its third year, the DK King Of Dirt is one of Australia’s premier BMX dirt jumping competitions. Attracting contestants from all across Australia looking to showcase their skills, the success of last year’s event was staggering. Filmed by Fuel TV, coverage of the competition aired across the USA, UK and Australia to an estimated total viewing audience of over 200,000,000 people. Big air, pulsating flips, and heart-stopping crashes make BMX competitions a high-adrenaline spectator sport.

Following the extraordinary success of last years DK King Of Dirt, this year the event has moved to a new venue at Pine Rivers Park in Strathpine, purpose-built for the competition. Funded by the Pine Rivers Shire Council, the new facilities will ensure the quality of the competition remains world class, with Australia’s finest BMX riders set to test their nerve. Professional BMX riders will join a host of young and emerging talent showcasing the latest tricks and flips with Beginner, Expert, and Pro classes guarantee an entertaining and fair competition across the board.

The DK King Of Dirt has become a highlight of the Australian BMX calendar, with competitors from across Australia converging on Brisbane to take part. Last years event attracted 3000 odd spectators as well as coverage across Australia’s premier BMX magazines and websites, cementing the competition at the apex of the Australian Extreme Sport scene… this years event is set to be mammoth."

Yep, its a lot to read about a dirt comp, and this is just the short version.

If you're around the Brissie area you should definitely check it out

Max Stephens Clips

A few clips of a shredder from my local, Max. I've witnessed him progress so much in the last few months and its a treat to watch. Filmed in 20mins the other day.


Street jam vid.

Heres some footage from the street jam that happened in Brissie on Sunday. The footage doesn't do justice to the quality of riding that went down. Big thanks to the 100 or so riders that made the effort to show up. 100 riders cruising the city truly was something to experience.


Matt Bell

Over the past few weeks i have had the privilege of riding, hanging foul, sleeping in the same bed and eating with this dude, Matthew Bell.
Kid is a super laid back shredder from Mandurah in Western Australia, did i mention he's just 15?
Hopefully see alot more of him on this site.
Photo taken by Kie Ashworth


Mother Earth

On one of many random western australian road trips do to demos in weirdy country towns, i got the chance to stop at some crazy spot carved by earth itself with some close friends, Wave Rock.
We rode here for some time with no one but japanese tourists snapping shots to bother us.
Kie took this dope photo so i thought everyone should see it.

Street Jam

The street jam in Brisbane was today and all I can say is wow. I even got a call from the police comissioner. Video will be up when I get time to edit it.


Another old vid.

Because of the lack of things to post. Heres a vid from Matty's little going away session a while back.



Two Aussie riders, Turbo and Mel both got hurt pretty bad on their recently. Check the Back Bone Bmx news for more info. Hope both guys have a full and speedy recovery.
Stolen from the Focal Point site.


Focal point "Clocked In" DVD premiere

The eagerly awaited Focal Point DVD "Clocked In" is premiering on Friday the 19th of October. By the look of this flyer Cooper sent me its going to be nuts. can't wait to get my hands on a copy of this.


Ballarat Video

Vid made by some guys out of Ballarat. Some pretty solid street clips in there. Check it out.


Street Jam Update

The street jam in Brisbane is this Sunday coming and anybody whos anybody will be there. The meeting place has been officially changed to Paddo Skatepark so we don't draw any unwanted attention before the jam even starts.
Paddo skatepark is 2 minutes ride from Milton Station if you are unaware. If anyone needs directions or to be shown the way leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.

Meeting time is around 10 and we'll head off around 10:30 once everyone has arrived. There will be plenty of prizes to go round so make sure you make an appearance.

Hope to see you all there!


New Last Chapter Vid

Stolen from the Last Chapter myspace. Check it out if you havent already. They make some really good shit.


Ayr Trails Jam

Dean Foster turning it down - Pic by Derrick Melish

About 30 riders travelled from Townsville, Mackay and Airlie Beach for the Second Ayr Trails Jam. The day was organised by Phil Zvaigne, Damien Hebbard and myself. There were no prizes or sponsors - all we wanted to do was get everyone together for a fun afternoon at our jumps. Standouts were James Draper, Jarem Dravitzki and Dean Foster. A lot of people mentioned that they liked the jumps and had a good day, which made all the lead up work worthwhile. I would like to thank Derrick Mellish from FlatlineBmx for taking some great photos.

Words- Darryl Kelly

New Incite tees.

Incite Clothing just released some new tees and they are lookign mighty fresh. if you want to be the coolest kid on the block or the rest of your shirts have holes in I suggest you check em outhere for more.


Dishonour "Boned Out" Tees.

James Wade from Dishonour Clothing has just released some new tee designs, im sure there will be a bunch more in a few weeks, that dude never stops with the new fresh shit.
Check their myspace here

Beerwah Jam Video

The jam at Beerwah was held yesterday. At its peak there were about 50 riders at the park. I don't know how long until the park gets demolished but if you,ve never ridden it now would be the time to.

Heres a rough edit of some footage I shot on the day

diversitybmx "Scraptacular" Mixtape

End of the week (at last) and I've got a special treat for you. diversitybmx presents the "Scraptacular" mixtape.
I made this movie from all the old footage that was sitting unused on my computer. Enjoy!

PS. If you sign up to Vimeo you can download the video to your computer so its better quality and you can watch it over.


EDH Bike Co.

Frush out of New Zullund, EDH Bike Company is a small but growing design and manufacturing company doing BMX specific components, clothing and accessories. Check out some of their stuff. Looks dialled! The zombie stem makes me drool...

Check their myspace for more of their stuff.


Zack Musarsa Edit.

Found this on the wonderful youtube once again. Some clips of Zach Musarsa for Macneil. Filmed and edited by Dao Radivo. I think?



Couldn't find any new vids to post so heres the intro from BMX BANDITS. Its BMX, its Aussie, what more do you want?

If you've got a video that you'd like posted up don't hesitate to email the link to or send me a message on the diversitybmx myspace!

PS. I've almost finished a 12 minute diversitybmx mixtape called "Scraptacular" of all the old unused scrap footage on my computer. Keep checking back yo!


Supremacy Vid

Found this on youtube. Don't know anything about it but its got a bunch of Brissie riders and a few Brissie spots.


CPL vid.

I was gonna post another vid on here but then I found this one. Fun little edit by the CPL boys from West Oz. Really makes me want to go ride my bike.


TemperedBikes print ad.

Just got leaked the TemperedBikes print ad for the new 2020. It feautures a very large downwhip air from Mr Mathew Lawton. Shits hot. Click the picture to see the high res version.


diversity interactive!

I was trying to think of ways to make the site more interactive and I thought of this:

Each week viewers of the site send in quotes, lyrics, short, short, short stories, your favourite line from Dolly magazine or just a random collection of words. The one I find to be most entertaining will be the new headline under the diversitybmx title for a week or so.

Send in your submissions by commenting this post. You can comment anonymously but you won't be credited for it.


Matt Lawton 'scrap' Footage

This is just a short edit of diversitybmx co-owner Matt Lawton. Just some leftover clips I had on my computer. He hates them all but I think theres some pretty solid clips in there. Let us know what you think in the comments.


FocalPoint Issue 11.

Cooper Brownlee has recently released Issue 11 of the FREE Australian BMX Magazine, "FocalPoint".

Everytime i get my hands on a copy of the zine I'm just amazed at how much it grows each day, if you have not already got a copy or you have not scabbed it from a friend, then something is wrong with you....

Also check the FP Myspace.



The guys from Brisbane based Drain Kids, Have just Released their latest project titled, " I hate Drainkids".

These guys own the streets, check here to see their dope promo.

Drain kids is distibuted by Adelaide's, Stowaway Distro, so contact them if your local shop doesn't know whats up.


Martial and friends.

Alex liiv just sent me this video of some of the martial guys and friends.
Edit is fast and gnar and the riding is dope as fuck.


Possible diversitybmx tee?

Let me know what you think in the comments!


FlatlineBmx Promo Vid

Promo vid for North Queensland based FlatlineBmx. Check it out.


Peazant Clothing Promo

Not sure any any of the details of this. Found it on myspace. Its not too bad so I thought I'd chuck it up. If anyone could fill me in of the details that would be great.


Passion Fruit Cruizer Jam.

There is jam coming up at RIDGE PARK BOWLS in Adelaide.
Sunday september 16th, 3pm.
Sponsered by cmbmx and dishonour clothing.
Massive skid comp (win tyres)... James Wade is throwing in some free tee shirts for the craziest hair cut? actually im not sure what the tees are for.
If you in the adelaide are and not too sure how to get there, James Wade over at Ugzine has made this dope map for your eyes to follow, Map


Focalpoint Offer.

Just checking out the Focal Point website and noticed that any purchase of a Focal Point tee or hoody online will recieve a free copy of Focal Point's previous DVD, "What". Now thats an offer you can't refuse. Check out their shirts here and support a mag thats been supporting the scene for ages.

New Dishonour tees.

The guys from Dishonour clothing in Adelaide have some new tees coming out. They're looking pretty RAD. Colours include, lime w/black print, purple w/white print, white w/black print, dark chocolate w/gold print, off white w/brown print and orange w/black print. Pick one up for only $25. Check their blog for more details.