Justy Bumpstead Vid

Video of TemperedBikes and Incite Clothing rider Justy Bumpstead. Filmed mainly by Justy himself with additional filming by Elias. Edit by me.


OMG Jerry Vandervalk!

The brand spankin' new TemperedBikes ad featuring Brisbane shredder Jerry Vandervalk. You saw it first on diversity. Edit by yours truly.



Cooper Brownlee over at FocalPoint BMX has a dope feature product on some of the Skavenger Tee shirts. The write up was too good for me to not go out and grab some of these rad shirts.

Click here to check it out.

Wham! Bam! Warragul Jam!

Not too sure on the details of this, but its supported by our friends from Last Chapter so you know its gonna be good. Check it out if you're in the area.

Alex Liiv Interview!

Just finished the diversitybmx exclusive interview with Alex Liiv. He also sent us some clips to post. Hit read more for the interview.

Diversitybmx: Who's Donna Bridgwick?

Alex: my mate Matt was in the middle of the desert at some bar/club with his uncle. After his uncle left, Matt started dancing with this girl called Donna. At the end of the night matt and this donna chick where walking home, making out and weirdness. then out of the heat Donna says "RAPE ME" so matt the weirdest dude, took this on board. and took his and her pants off and then went for it. after about a minute he took a look and blood was coming out of her vagina. thats Donna. not to mention this all happened in some side alley in the desert.

Diversitybmx: How did you get that MTV interview?

Alex: burns sold some crashes to scarred and out of the blue they said do you know this dude(youtube crash) and burns was like yeah i know him and they sent an email to me and it went from there.

Diversitybmx: What inspires you to ride the stuff you do?

Alex: clean shoes so i don't slip on the pedals and i always think of what would be gnarly if i wasn't a rider. tricks have been done, tricks are only tricks but stunts are endless, its riding a bike so i think of stunts and whiskey. maybe some loud music and sex later that night.

Diversitybmx: Do you already know what your going to ride or do you just do weird shit on weird things?

Alex: its never mr yellow brothers trick challenge. i think of weird shit all the time and sometimes it's riding but i watch a lot of skating videos for stunt ideas. Anything to flat.

Diversitybmx: What kind of freaky things has your tongue touched?

Alex: le' freaky clity bang kitchen wear le' light wight knifey sex.

Diversitybmx: Whats the first thing that comes to mind when we say "Latex Lips and Ciggerete Arms"?

Alex: your arms and neck must be tilted at the same angle.

Diversitybmx: Freakiest thing ever seen?

Alex: about 3 years ago, there was this dude who road these shitty bikes around where i live and we called him freak show, he had a huge forehead to instant freak face. anyway we used to follow him when ever we got the chance, so we follow him all the way to what turned out to be the top of the his street. we turned down the street and we couldn't see him anywhere so we high beamed and he was kissing the driveway of this church. so we then knew that he lived down that street, so we went driving down there and found his house because we say all these shit bikes out the front.

the next day we went into the bush around the back of this house to see what we could see and we get to the back of his house and we see this little shack made out of blue tarps and weird shit. we started to throw rocks at this bum shack and freak show comes out of his den with no pants on and starts walking toward us so we make a run for it and as we are running through this fire trail there was this dude with like a nappy and red rings painted around his eyes. and we got away from freak show but red rings was like jumping from tree to tree then he just vanished.

so we go back to this house the next week but knock on the front door of this house and this house was so nice, we continue on to the back of the house and we end up standing right next to freak shows shack. we hear this freaky music coming from the radio so we aren't sure if some one is in there so i go to the front to look out if anyone freaky comes down the street and matt says "hello" and then freak show comes out of his shack with a hammer and fully clothed saying "what are you doing here", matt says "WHAT ARE YOU DOING OUT HERE,DO YOU LIVE IN THAT HOUSE!", freak show says "yeah, just out here playing a few games", matt says "but why are you in that thing(points to shack)", freak show started getting angry saying some one has been stealing bikes and he thinks it was us, matt leaves and we never saw him around our area since.

One day about a year ago i saw him at the fuel station getting fuel and some bum looking dude with a shitty bike gets into the van with freak show and then he drives off over the footpath and nature strip and over the wrong side of the road and over a round about and drives off. i still see him from time to time riding shitty bikes along the high way.

Diversitybmx: Whats the stupidest thing you have done for money?

Alex: paper run or road off a motel roof drunk but i don't think i got paid.

Diversitybmx: Describe the ugliest girl youve spent the night with.

Alex: serpents faces you can get weird with like shit on them of something weirdy that they love... never spent a night with one.

Diversitybmx: Wie ist es Ihnen denn so ergangen?

Alex: its just a sprinkling

Diversitybmx: If you could be any celebrity who would you be?

Alex: jim beam and whiskey tits

Diversitybmx: How do you get on with your parents?

Alex: day at the office

Diversitybmx: A dice is sitting on a table. Lenore counts 17 dots on all the sides she can see. Which face of the dice is resting on the table?

Alex: 6 6

To finish the interview we made up a little story and left some blanks for Alex to fill in. Here's what he came up with....

My name is Alex Liiv but you can call me Stevens (as in more then one). My friends usually call me other names though like Mr sluty and volcano No.5. I used to frequent the chilli factory until I went out the back and uninstalled her diaphragm, but that was a few months ago. Now I spend my time looking and looking for reasons to look. While I'm here I guess I will tell everyone about my friends Demitri (roof painter) and progington. I met them a little while ago while i was on a road trip with dirty santa clause over in the big smoke America, which I found to be FUCKED. I have been alive for 19 years now and riding for 6 of those years, in my previous life I'm pretty sure I was a human because i am now in my previous life. I mostly ride high speed vaginas around the stair area, my bike is set up with the help from my close friends and sponsors, RIDE THE WHEELS OFF THIS THING & SPIN TO WIN so big thanks to them! And finally bmxpress.

Interview and Story by Mathew Lawton

Pictures courtesy of Alex's myspace.

Ayr Trails Jam

"Hey man you got any news for diversity today? would you be able to put a post up about the ayr(shepards) trails jam for us? Its on the 8th of september. Meeting place is ayr (burdekin) skatepark about 10 and we head to the trails from there. Supported by flatlinebmx, all welcome should be a great day of riding and getting loose. ps ayr is 1hour south of townsville, and no there park isnt the mini on skateparks.com or watever that site is theres a newy and it rocks. thanks, pete "

You heard it from the man himself, so if youre around the Ayr area (tonguetwister) or you've got a fetish for trail jams be sure to check it out. The last jam I went to in North Queensland was awesome and I doubt this will be any different.


SouthBMX "Forward Motion" Trailer

Really good trailer from the boys from SouthBMX. Its for their upcoming movie "Forward Motion" which, according to their myspace, should be out fairly soon. Check it out, definitely worth a look.

Diversitybmx Hibiscus edit.

Nothing to post this morning so I decided to put up a vid I made a few months ago from our Anzac day ride at Hibiscus skatepark. Check it out if you haven't already.

Also I've heard that there's a jam being held on the 8th of September at Beerwah skatepark because it's getting demolished(ftw)??? More info on that when I find out the details.


Alex Liiv on MTV Scarred

Australia's own Alex Liiv talks about his crazy crash on a recent episode of MTV scarred. Good to see an Aussie getting international TV coverage for something other than fronties. What a legend!

Diversitybmx has hooked up an exclusive interview with Alex so check back to find out whats going through that head of his.


Benny Olsen

Glenn Gordon emailed me some dope pics of his mate Benny Olsen at Helensvale skatepark on a trip to QLD from Warragul In Victoria. Benny is 17 and apparently kills it on a bike. Awesome photography by Chris Raethke.

- Mitch

Street Jam update.

The Ballin' in Brisbane street jam, supported by diversitybmx and TemperedBikes has picked up a few new sponsors. Last Chapter Clothing, Cropthorn, NKAY Clothing, Flatlinebmx and Incite Clothing have all decided to chip in with some gear for the prizes and giveaways.



Last Chapter Vid.

Pulled directly from the Last Chapter myspace. Check it out if you haven't already.



Yer I accidentally deleted Matty's post so here it is again. A few clips of Brissie shredder Micky Soole doing what he does best. Sent in by Christian Noskoff.


Anchor BMX.

Anchor BMX is a fresh new looking shop that has just recently opened its doors in Victoria. If your in victoria for a visit or your a local i suggest you pop into this shop! Shop adress is 75 Johnston Street Collingwood.
Click here to check everything they stock, They pretty much stock all the latest in bmx, so hit that shit.
Also check out their MYSPACE.

FocalPoint "Clocked In" Promo.

This is the second media project coming from Melbourne based FocalPoint.
Check it, riding is real good, cant wait for this one to come out.


Top 5's With Jamie Mauri

We Got a chance to catch up with Perth animal Jamie Mauri so I hit him up with some non homo top fives. This dude seems to have his head on right, depends how you look at it.
He also sent over this photo of a dope rail hop in Rossmoyne.

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Mister Cartoon
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Riding Spots:
The pink rail down the road from my house.
Osborne park industrial area.
Carine skatepark
Curved wall/ledge in Redfern(Sydney)
The Landing

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Football fans (WTF)
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Mike daly has just opened up a super rad looking shop in sydney, 'Hell On Wheels', the shop front is located at 463 King Street, Newtown.
Open hours are 11am to 6pm Tuesday and Wednesday, 11am to 8pm Thursday and Friday and 10am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday. They supply all the latest and good BMX stuff as well as skateboards, DVD's and a huge range of clothing and shoes. You can call the shop on 02 9519 2312 or hit up the website at http://www.hellonwheels.com.au/


Cropthorn Clothing 2008 Preview.

Cropthorn have just released some of their new 2008 range to the public to view!Lucky for us we were able to get on board and get these previews before anyone else! Cropthorn is a Queensland based company that is already going australia wide, all tees are printed using gildan so we all know the fit is dope!
Check out http://www.cropthorn.com/or visit their ever growing myspace community at www.myspace.com/cropthorn
Expect to see alot more coming from Cropthorn Clothing.....alot more.


Ballin' in Brisbane Street Jam

I heard about a street jam happening in Brissie on the 16th of September and decided to get behind it. So if you live around the Brissie area keep the 16th free and come check it out. Hopefully we can get some prizes etc happening. Email or msn Jaya at grubtec@hotmail.com for more details.

Last Chapter Clothing

Last Chapter is a small clothing company from Victoria run by Sam Filmer. They've got a wide variety of fresh designs and I'm gonna be getting myself a few tees soon.

New vid from West Oz

Matt Lawton, owner of TemperedBikes, sent me the link to this edit of himself and West Oz rippers Kie Ashworth and Matt Bell saying,"it's just a little muckaround video we filmed in 2 hours today". Personally I think theres a few banger clips in there. Sweet movie maker skillz from Kie. Tell us what you think in the comments.


New Tempered Hubs

The new batch of Tempered Revolt hubs are here and are looking fresh as ever with new artwork. Available in gloss black, metallic green and all new gloss white. I've been running mine for a while now and my bike is smoother, front end is lighter and I last 20% longer in bed. Ok well I still suck in the sack but the first two are true.

TemperedBikes for more detaials

FlatlineBMX Gladstone Trip

A cool vid from the FlatlineBmx crew from North Queensland on a trip to Gladstone.


Adelaide Street Jam

Found this on the ugzine.com blog of a street jam that went down in Adelaide a few days ago. Not too sure on the details but it looked fun as fuck.

Welcome to diversitybmx.

This site has been around for a while now but now its been reborn. I will try and post the latest Australian bmx news, vids, etc as they happen and start to do it more frequently as the site gains popularity