Coppin' It Sweet Premiere

The long awaited Coppin' It Sweet DVD is premiering tomorrow night at the Pineapple Hotel in Brisbane. Featuring a bunch of Australia's best BMX riders and produced by Stewart Munro. See you there!

Diversity Quick Six - Jason Watts

Next Diversity Quick Six is with Australian young gun Jason Watts, who has been absolutely killing it lately with some insane web videos, getting picked up by Haro and a few trips to the states. Hit read more to learn some more about Jason...

Help save Rampit

Just spotted this on Facebook. Apparently Rampit in VIC is in some trouble and needs some help from local riders. I'm not to sure on the exact details but if you're anywhere nearby be sure to get in there and show your support! Check out the Rampit website here or their Facebook here.

If anyone can fill us in on some more info, do so in the comments!

Beechy Keen

This edit of Beechy is absolutely insane! A fair bit of bro-cam footage but it adds to the rawness. Sit back and enjoy! Killin it for Fit BMX Bikes.

Ev's Tech Corner - A Beginner's Guide to Freecoasters

Another new feature we're running on DiversityBMX is Ev's Tech Corner. For those unfamiliar Evan is one half of LUXBMX Store in Brisbane and is regarded by many as the best BMX mechanic in the biz, so who better to run a tech section? With more and more people converting to freecoaster hubs by the day we though that shedding a bit of light on some of the more popular options would be a great place to start...

Alex Kennedy is one of the new wave of riders taking freecoasting to a whole new level.

To put it simply, a freecoaster hub allows the rider to roll backwards without the drive- train engaging and making the pedals spin backwards with the wheel. Evolved from traditional coaster brake hubs, early freecoaster designs were basically coaster brake hubs with the brake pads removed. However bearing load issues, inconsistent driver/clutch engagement and overall weight often deterred riders from experiencing the freedom of which a freecoaster hub can offer. Pigeon holing the freecoaster to the flatland market or those prepared to constantly service and maintain the hub... HIT READ MORE

Unscene: A history of Brisbane Freestyle

Unscene: A History of Brisbane Freestyle is coming up in Brisbane for all the older guys out there or young ones wanting to learn more about local BMX heritage. Ross Lavender has poured a ton of work into this and it's going to be amazing, be sure not to miss it! More info after the jump or on the website HERE.

Rowan and Friends Day Clips 2

Rowan Perkins sent this through on our Facebook page. Not much info on this but there's a good mix of park footage and some fun looking ledge and rail setups. Could be a little more creative with the title though! Thanks Rowan.

Diversity Quick Six - Dave Dillewaard

Next Diversity Quick Six is with Australian legend Dave Dillewaard, one of the first Aussie riders to make it big in America. Hit read more to learn some more about Dave...

Image from Demolition.

Dylan Lewis is crazy.

This edit of QLD rider Dylan Lewis is a few weeks old but I feel like it flew under the radar a little. Dylan shreds the absolute shit out of a bunch of parks around QLD with some airs that make Tom Dugan look like a pussy. If you haven't watched this make sure you do so. Right now.

Doin it for Nightfall Bike Co.

Diversity Quick Six - Jack Elkins

A new feature we're starting on the site is the Diversity Quick Six were we ask your favourite riders six questions. First up is the Brisbane street assassin with the the magic pop, Mr Jack Elkins. Hit read more...

Anton Ayres for Division

This would have to be my favourite Australian web video in a long time. Brisbane's sussest rail destroyer Anton Ayres holding it down for Division BMX Bikes with a bunch of NBD peg tricks. Definitely check this out!

Ryan Lloyd Raw Clips

Primary Threads posted a bunch of raw clips of Ryan Lloyd that are a little dated and didn't make the cut for any other projects. As you all know though, Ryan is an incredible rider so these are still great.


Jack Birtles and his crew spend a hell of a lot of time on the road, and a good percentage of that is spent getting loose. That's not to say they don't ride a heap, too. This new mixtape, aptly entitled Blackout captures that perfectly. Plenty of good riding, but gratuitous amounts of party funness. There's also a feature up over on Focalpoint regarding the project.

Melbourne Bowl Trip

A couple of ADL transition roasters took a trip to Melbourne to sample some of the newer delights. I can't get over how fun the St Kilda park looks.

melbourne bowl trip from Dempsey bmx on Vimeo.

Primary Threads: A Day in the Life of Ryan Knight

Ryan Lloyd hung out with his dude Ryan Knight for a day, and pieced together this sweet video, encapsulating a day in the life of Ryan Knight. If the video is anything to go by, Ryan is a dude who lives life with an emphasis on fun!